Door Opener Critiques

Limited Time Special Offer Critiques with 

Acquiring NY Editor(s) and List Building


$99 – $114

Want a critique with an agent or editor? Haven’t gotten one at your last conference or workshop for one reason or another? This special offer is for you.

You can have a full picture book manuscript critique or the first 10 pages and your 1-page synopsis of your MG or YA manuscript (fiction, non-fiction, or prose).

Right now, we are featuring two editors and one agent. Not only can you get the feedback you’ve been craving, if your work is there, you can possibly have a door open that you haven’t been able to penetrate.

You will get editorial notes and line edits in the track changes.

Guideline for submitting for Critique

Available the Editor(s):

Julia McCarthy

Julia Maguire

Julia McCarthy is an Assistant Editor at Atheneum Books for Young Readers, where she acquires and edits picture books, middle grade and young adult novels, and nonfiction.

Julia McCarthy joined Atheneum Books for Young Readers in 2017. She has assisted Reka Simonsen, Emma Ledbetter, and Alexa Pastor on a brilliant range of young adult, middle grade, and picture books. She has worked on a wide range of nonfiction titles, including a Young Readers’ edition of On the Origin of Species; Rising Water, a chronicle of the Thai cave rescue; Katherine Johnson’s autobiography Reaching for the Moon; and award-winning picture book biography When Angels Sing. Julia believes that each story has the power to engender compassion, empathy, and courage within a reader, and delights in her opportunity to champion Atheneum’s list of powerfully imaginative books. She is most immediately drawn towards magical realism; own voices (especially LatinX); marginalized or underrepresented groups; folklore; stories of any age with a touch of humor, fantasy, or darkness; STEAM-themed picture books; unusual nonfiction with a strong voice; science-based stories that promote environmentalism and social justice; and graphic novels. If you’re a fan of puns, visit her on Twitter @thejumbles.


Julia Maguire is an Editor at Knopf Books for Young Readers. Prior to that, she worked at Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. She currently edits picture books and middle grade novels.

She received her degree in communications from the University of Massachusetts and her Masters in Publishing from NYU. She started her publishing career interning at Bloomsbury Children’s Books in 2006 and has worked on picture books ever since. The best part of the job is collaborating with authors and artists to bring a book to life.
In her spare time, she loves to run and has finished two marathons and several half marathons. She also loves to bake (hence all the running.)
Julia is looking for:
Picture books that are sweet and silly, either conceptual or narrative. Realistic middle grade with strong characters in fully realized and tactile settings. Nonfiction that feels necessary and speaks to a larger narrative, either in context of school curriculum or the world readers are getting to know.

Picture Book Manuscript Critique with Julia Maguire

A full picture book manuscript critique (fiction or non-fiction) with featured editor Julia Maguire of Alfred A Knopf, Books for Young Readers. You will get editorial notes and line edits in the track changes.


Novel Critique with Julia Maguire

Julia Maguire will critique the first 10 pages and your 1-page synopsis of your MG or YA manuscript (fiction, non-fiction, or prose). You will get editorial notes and line edits in the track changes.


About the Agent(s):

Jess Regel, Agent with Foundry Media.  Jess represents young adult and middle grade books, as well as adult fiction and nonfiction. In the nonfiction space, she represents memoir and pop culture, with an emphasis on female and diverse voices. She also represents children’s nonfiction and YA memoir.In the fiction space, Jess is passionate about discovering projects that are compulsive, contagious, and creative. She’s particularly interested in books that are “conversation starters,” novels that bridge the literary-commercial divide, combining a high-concept plot with beautiful writing, and voice-driven contemporary stories. She’s always looking for diverse characters that tell a story from a unique perspective, and through which we see the world differently. Jess is drawn to coming-of-age stories, ambitious women’s fiction, charming and stylized love stories, atmospheric magical realism, dark and twisty suspense, and genre-bending literary fiction. She is not looking for genre fiction, such as high fantasy, sci-fi, romance, westerns, chick lit, cozy mysteries, etc.

Originally from Iowa, Jess was working at her local library when she was offered a job at the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency and packed up for New York City. She spent eleven years at the Naggar Agency before moving over to Foundry in 2013. Some of her books include: Amber Smith’s New York Times Bestseller The Way I Used to Be (Simon & Schuster), Emily Danforth’s The Miseducation of Cameron Post (Balzer + Bray), Pablo Cartaya’s The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora (Viking Children’s Books), Nora McInerny Purmort’s National Bestseller It’s Okay to Laugh (Dey Street), Jillian Cantor’s Margot (Riverhead), Bryn Greenwood’s New York Times Bestseller All the Ugly and Wonderful Things (MacMillan) and Elan Gale’s You’re Not That Great (Grand Central). Jess is a graduate of Hunter College with a degree in English Literature.

Novel Critique with Agent Jess Regel

Jess Regel of Foundry Media will critique the first 10 pages and your 1-page synopsis of your MG or YA manuscript (fiction, non-fiction, or prose). You will get her notes and line edits in the track changes.